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What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. They are actually quite commonly used by large corporations (though not often used very well.).

Presuming that you already understand what a computer network is, we'll proceed to explain the Virtual and Private parts.

A private network would involve separate physical cables between offices. The cables would be connected between certain computers and those only - no outside connection at all. This would create a "private network".

To make a "virtual" private network, we simply substitute encrypted (secretly coded) transmissions for the separate cables. Only those people who have the keys to unlock the encryption can see what is being sent through the network. To anyone else, it is a long, fast stream of gibberish. This is called a "virtual" network. Instead of private cables, it uses private, unreadable signals.

This Virtual Private Network arrangement can also be called a Virtual Tunnel. The meaning is the same: It creates connections between computers that can only be understood by the people who have the proper codes. It creates a "tunnel" between your computers and others - a tunnel that no one else can see into.

So, a VPN is not a physically separate network, but a "virtually" separate network. It operates over the regular Internet, but it is completely private. Instead of doors and walls keeping intruders away, encryption (mathematics) keeps them away.

In actual use, our VPN requires a few minutes to setup, then almost no attention at all. Then, every signal your computer sends to the Internet will come and go through a virtual private tunnel. Our system does all of the coding and decoding for you - you'll never notice. There is nothing new to learn and you keep using your computer just the same as you always have.

Our VPN also anonymizes your information as it leaves our system and goes to Amazon, Google, or wherever else you'd like to go. Your personal information is erased. Google doesn't know who you are or where you're coming from.

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