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How Our Products Work

Our Road Warrior accounts use a piece of software that connects your computer to our anonymity network, anonymizing everything you do on the Internet. (For a simple Before & After comparison, see our Products page.)

  1. The VPN connection.
  2. The anonymity network.

The VPN Connection

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, which is really just a special connection from your computer, through your Internet Service Provider (your local phone or cable company), to our network. Here's what that looks like:


This type of connection is often called a "tunnel," because it tunnels through your ISP. Your traffic still passes through your Internet Service Provider (ISP), but it is encrypted, so there is no intelligible information that can be seen, just a long string of gibberish that looks something like this:

FK9Hs1uYFt7hOpSJUHlmYcrHjXdHrnUiFB3bM/36Ceq8OBcNDyYzGKgdieFvokId 3a9tA32uS0yrKEsxDZTItv/7ZJoj5H+D1CsU+bnnGwRy3I5vHytFDRnJOFpn2wFc rUp7rSavV65tirOlagEIvf/AODY9yGH22HY75ChCPo9SP9P3SOvm1nEkBbDd6WK9 aMhAbZf5y1Rs6iCkRG2EHADlXupU2AIctC0SGZieYNF...

The Anonymity Network

The VPN tunnel shown above is a fine technology, but it isn't enough to beat professional snoops and thieves. By watching the traffic that comes to your ISP and matching it with what comes out the other side of the tunnel, they can pick up the trail without much trouble.

In order to beat professional surveillance, two more steps are required:

  1. Obscuring the traffic much better.
  2. Removing your "return address."
These two things are accomplished with an anonymity network. Here is a simplified view of ours:

In this illustration, the client is in the US and a VPN tunnel runs from their computer to one of our entry nodes in either Canada or Panama, where their return address is stripped-off.

Then, the traffic goes through one or more cascades. Think of this as a Mixmaster for data.

Finally, it comes out the other side in still another jurisdiction, where Cryptohippie's return address is added, so the sites you visit can respond to you (anonymously).

There is more to our operation than this (we do a few exotic things like rotating IP addresses), but the basics are illustrated here. The network is the key to the operation, and it is the thing that separates us from simple VPNs and proxies.

A network of this type allows you to surf the web, use voice communications like Skype, email, chat, download files, etc., while remaining anonymous. At any point, it can be seen that signals are being sent, but the point of origin (and with it your identity) remains unknown.

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