Servers, Location Agnostic (LAS)

We do not rent standard servers. Our products are Location Agnostic Servers: Servers that cannot be located by any normal means.


Combining state of the art VPN, virtualization, multi level access control and data encryption techniques, LocationAgnosticServers (LAS) are unique – and the best product available for theft resistant data storage and processing requirements. Our systems are protected against physical location attempts, data reads from storage media and even against potential leakage by datacenter or administration personal. Even our own staff can be excluded from accessing your data if you wish. Combining several LAS nodes on a globally distributed network strongly increases reliability while our offsite encrypted backup solutions protect the data you depend upon.


Since our LAS technology supports a variety of connection methods and applications, it can be used for many data processing scenarios. Examples include protected closed group email, messaging, database, key processing and certificate authority applications, file storage and critical business logic. Our consultants and administrators will gladly help you to specify and setup your systems and to find the ideal solution for your requirements.


Where seamless high bandwidth access to your LAS-protected data is required, Cryptohippie offers custom built and maintained appliances for installation within your office network. This provides high performance access to your data while preserving your protection against raid and theft.

Due to the nature of this technology, it is provided to selected commercial clients only.
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