Product overview

When being on the road or working from the SoHo, protection is just as necessary as in a corporate environment. For these cases we provide a cost effective and easy to use solution.

While accessing the Internet from a hotel, a public hotspot or from home, both the content and the context of your communications will be protected. Your private affairs will finally be private again and you can regain your peace of mind.

You will receive access details to our networks and software to download and install.

For optimal security and ease of use we strongly suggest to combine it with one of our routers:

  • The Slate home router: Set it up once and protect every internet connected device in your home automatically. Download the product flyer.
  • The VPN Stick router: A USB stick that's perfect for travel. Plug it into your laptop and the VPN automatically starts. Download the product flyer.
Using a router requires no software installation or complex configuration on your other devices. It is easy to set up and does not require any future user intervention.

For larger offices, we offer a managed router product, please download the product flyer for more information.

RoadWarrior Features

  • Easy to install and use software
  • Available for Windows, MacOS X, Linux
  • Works in almost any environment
  • High speed (6 Mbit/s median)
  • All protection methods enabled
  • Protects websurfing, email, VoIP
  • Closed group network access
  • Includes 1GB secure email account
  • Includes 1GB secure network disk
  • Includes secure instant messaging
  • Install on multiple computers allowed
  • Telephone and email support

RoadWarrior Options

  • Installable software for unlimited computers

RoadWarrior Prices

  • Standard contract: 199 USD/year

What is a VPN?   &   Glossary for non-geeks.
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