Product Overview

Cryptohippie USA, Inc. provides access to the Cryptohippie network, which is anonymous, thoroughly protected and globally distributed. This network creates anonymity and gives you very private access to standard Internet destinations.

We use a variety of technological and organizational methods to give our clients professional, anonymous Internet access. Both your communication's content and its context are protected within the network. In other words, we provide both encryption and anonymity.

Cryptohippie is unique: we don't require you to trust a single entity for your privacy. Our sales and network are run by separate companies in different jurisdictions. The sales company never sees network traffic and the network company never sees sales data.

And we make installation as fast and easy as possible. In fact, we have installation videos that guide you through the installation process. All you have to do is follow along.

Our Products


The ideal product for mobile and tele-workers. Easy to install and use software connects you to our networks and secures your communication. You can use one account to protect both desktop and laptop machines – simultaneously. Unless you do a lot of downloading, you won't need a separate account for each computer. You can find more information here.


Protect your data processing backends, file storage and databases by using state of the art anonymization and encryption.
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Managed Service Routers

If you run a large office, please talk to us about massive multi-user access to our networks. Connect your offices, mobile groups and factories without the need of per client installation. Our routers are dedicated hardware appliances with priority support.
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Before & After

Without Cryptohippe protection, your Internet traffic travels as show below: It goes from your machine, through a number of data centers, then finally to its destination (Amazon,, whatever). At every point along this path, your data can be stolen by hacker groups. (Government, mafia, corporate, etc.)

Without Cryptohippie

Here's what you data traffic looks like with Cryptohippie protection: You traffic passes through several data centers before it reaches the Cryptohippie Network, but it is strongly encrypted all the way. No one can capture your data, and they don't know whether you're surfing, sending email, or whatever.

The Cryptohippie network creates anonymity for you. Your traffic bounces across continents, is mixed with the traffic of many other people, and leaves the network without any of your identifying information. When your signals reach their destination (Amazon,, whatever), who you are and where you are are unknown.

With Cryptohippie

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