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We are pleased to offer you a Free trial subscription to our anonymous network. Submit your email address in the field below, and we'll get you a one-week trial for free. Once the week is done, you can simply renew your account, without having to reinstall anything.

Once you get your information (it will come to your email address), pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, sit down at your computer, and devote 20 minutes to getting safe. Take your time - there are only a few steps. Once you're done, you can use your computer exactly as you do now, but you will be powerfully protected.

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There is one caveat to this offer:

  • We run a very complex network, and we cannot just add a couple of thousand users at once. So, we'll set up the first several hundred Expat World subscribers immediately, but the rest will have to wait a few days. Don't worry, we will get everyone their free trial, but our network engineers need to control the speed at which users are added.
PS: If you'd like information on the technologies we use, you can find it here.

Product overview

When being on the road or working from the SoHo, protection is just as necessary as in a corporate environment. For these cases we provide a cost effective and easy to use solution.

While accessing the Internet from a hotel, a public hotspot or from home, both the content and the context of your communications will be protected. Your private affairs will finally be private again and you can regain your peace of mind.

For organizations with multiple mobile or tele-workers, we provide centralized management and resource control. Please contact us for additional information.

RoadWarrior Options

  • Installable software for unlimited computers

RoadWarrior Features

  • Easy to install and use software
  • Available for Windows, MacOS X, Linux
  • Works in almost any environment
  • High speed (3.5Mbit/s median)
  • All protection methods enabled
  • Protects websurfing, email, VoIP
  • Closed group network access
  • Includes 1GB secure email account
  • Includes 1GB secure network disk
  • Includes secure instant messaging
  • Install on multiple computers allowed
  • 25 GB of monthly traffic included
  • Telephone and email support

RoadWarrior Prices

  • 199 USD/year

What is a VPN?   &   Glossary for non-geeks.
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