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We are pleased to offer you a Free trial subscription to our anonymous network. Submit your email address in the field below, and we'll get you a one-week trial for free. Once the week is done, you can simply renew your account, without having to reinstall anything.

Once you get your information (it will come to your email address), pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, sit down at your computer, and devote 20 minutes to getting safe. Take your time - there are only a few steps. Once you're done, you can use your computer exactly as you do now, but you will be powerfully protected.

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Bear in mind, please, that our accounts include not only surfing, but secure email (super-secure to other Cryptohippie users), anonymous chat and secure storage. You may not get to use all of that in your one-week free trial, but it comes with the account just the same, and if you sign-on at the end of the week it will remain with you.

You might also want to bear in mind that we are serious about protecting privacy. In specific:

  • We use anonymous authentication.
  • We run our own DNS.
  • We use multiple hops (2+).
  • Cryptohippie operates via multiple companies in multiple jurisdictions. There is no single point of failure.
  • We use state of the art, open source software.
  • We operate our own private key infrastructure.
And that's not all. You can find further details here.

Product overview

On the road or working from home, we provide a cost effective and easy to use solution. We protect not only the content of your communications, but the context as well. In other words, we provide not only encryption, but effective anonymity as well. Your private affairs will remain private and you can regain your peace of mind.

RoadWarrior Features

  • Easy to install and use software.
  • Available for Windows, MacOS X, Linux.
  • Works in almost any environment.
  • Works beautifully through GL.iNet open source routers. You can protect your entire home at once or protect your computer anywhere by plugging in a USB stick.
  • High speed (3.5Mbit/s median).
  • All protection methods enabled.
  • Protects websurfing, email, VoIP.
  • Includes 1GB secure email account.
  • Includes 1GB secure network disk.
  • Includes secure instant messaging.
  • Install on multiple computers allowed.
  • Real human email support.

RoadWarrior Prices

  • 199 USD/year