Cryptohippie Opaque Servers

Cryptohippie’s Opaque Servers are individual servers or server pairs that have no public presence on the Internet, but are reachable by protected and covert means, and are able to communicate with the world anonymously. They are ideal for storing and handling highly sensitive data.

All data on these servers is encrypted and can be accessed only if both the customer and Cryptohippie cooperate. After decrypt the user can manage their server without our involvement, but after any reboot cooperation is required.

Opaque servers cannot be located by any normal means. They are protected against physical location attempts, data reads from storage media and even against potential leakage by data center or administration personnel.


  • We do not actively manage these servers, but if users follow our suggestions, Cryptohippie will be unable to read any of the data on their server(s).
  • We can add concealed access for 7 USD/month per user. Specifically, we will create a separate VPN tunnel to the server for each user.
  • We recommend using server pairs. These pairs are self-synchronizing. One is active, the other is a hot standby.
  • We are able to move running instances from machine to machine without downtime.
  • Access to the virtual machines is by serial port and VNC.
  • The public IPs of the server do not point to the system. All traffic between them and the system runs through an anonymization cascade.
  • Hard discs removed from an Opaque server will have only encrypted data. Only if both Cryptohippie and the customer agree can they be decrypted.
  • The data center doesn’t know the public IP address of the server, nor can it access the encrypted hard disc. The same is true for the customer’s administrator(s). They cannot leak the key to the hard disc or see the network in which the server is actually located.
  • We are able to supply servers with EPYC processors. In these cases Cryptohippie will be unable to read data from the server even if it is decrypted.


We customize Opaque servers for each customer, but the general specifications are currently these:

  • 32-128 GB RAM
  • 8-16 cores
  • Up to 2 TB SSD storage

These are professional grade servers, maintained in first world, professionally operated data centers.

Users do not get direct access to their server, but rather to virtual servers that run on top of the hardware. These virtual servers can be configured as the user desires.

We are able to move running instances from machine to machine without downtime.

VPS configuration can be customized to user specification.


Opaque servers start at 280 EUR/month, plus 370 EUR setup. (5 dedicated CPU cores, 60 GB RAM, 2x1TB SSD.)

Terms are: Setup and first month in advance. Monthly or quarterly leases are available, payable in advance.

We reserve the right to disconnect any server for violations of our terms of service, with no refund and full loss of access to data.


We can be reached at