What You Don’t Tell Strangers, You Shouldn’t Tell Google Either (Or The IRS)

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The Internet, I’m sorry to tell you, is the very first place snoops look for dirt and ammunition these days. Why bother hacking or going through trash or trying to steal records? It’s all going over the Internet anyway, and if you don’t want to grab it yourself, those who already have it will be happy to make a deal. And so, unless you take specific steps to protect your information, Google, the IRS and a dozen others will know everything you say or send over the Internet, and precisely who you say or send it to.

Bear in mind that Google (Alphabet) rakes in $100. billion dollars from “free” services every year, and they are hardly alone. All the free services are playing this game, and governments worldwide are happy to suck it all in. We’ve know for six years, for example, that the IRS was using data from the NSA, DEA and others to build cases against Americans. (See this link from Reuters.)

I flew from conference to conference for years, warning people about this kind of surveillance; then came Edward Snowden, and I thought things would improve. But I was wrong, and now things are worse.

The Big Problem

The service I helped to found, Cryptohippie, has been protecting people from surveillance and tracking for a long time. Our precursor companies were the very first in this field, and Cryptohippie has been at the forefront since 2007. But there has always been a big problem with privacy services: They were too hard for many people to use.

We didn’t think they were too difficult, of course, but we were more experienced than the average user, and most people thought setting up the service was hard, or at least scary. Now we’ve solved that problem.

Can You Use A Tablet?

If you can use and iPad, any other type of tablet, or even just a smart phone (iPhone or Android), you can have rock-solid privacy and even encrypted, anonymous email… right through the device you’re already using. Setting this service up takes literally a few clicks, and if you’d still rather not deal with it, you can mail your device to us and we’ll set it up for you.

I won’t take the space to explain why anonymous email is at least as important as encrypted email, but with our system you get both, right through the Mail App on your tablet or phone… the one you’re already using. And again, it’s just a few clicks set it up.

No One Will Know

Another problem for many of our customers was that they didn’t want anyone to know they were using a privacy service, and for a long time that wasn’t solvable on a practical level. But with our new Cryptohippie Select service, we use random connections in scattered data centers to solve the problem. (It involves a new development of ours, the Virtual Personal Router, but you can email us if you’d like more info on that.) The bottom line is that no one will know you use a privacy service.

And, of course, Cryptohippie Select filters out trackers.

There Is A Catch

The catch is that we’re only prepared to sell 500 of these accounts. Building the Virtual Personal Routers is not easy, and our networking people have only committed to 500.

So, if you’d like to reserve your account or get more information, please email us: select@cryptohippie.com

The price is $395. per year, and that includes premium customer service. (Direct connections to real people, etc.)

Once we sell these 500 accounts we’ll find some way to get the engineers to create more, of course, but we can’t promise how long the delay will be.

The Stories We All See

Stories about data theft, government and business snooping, and cyber attacks (directed with hijacked data) continue in a steady stream, and those are just the ones people hear about. (Being in the business, we hear even more.) It’s a beautiful thing to know that you’re not exposed. And for us at Cryptohippie, it’s a beautiful thing to know that we’ve protected thousands of good people from things that should never be a threat to them, but are.

And our customers really are great people. We don’t keep track of them in any way – we’re a privacy company, after all – but we hear from them occasionally, and with rare exceptions they are good and decent people.

If you’d like to join them, just send us an email and we’ll answer your questions and/or set you up: select@cryptohippie.com