Announcing Cryptohippie Select

We are now offering a premium service called Cryptohippie Select. It does what Cryptohippie has always done, but adds a few new things and runs on Apple devices; specifically the iPad, iPod Touch and Mac OS X.

Cryptohippie Select uses a new development of ours, the Virtual Personal Router. This is a dedicated connection to our network; yours and no one else’s, so that no one can tell you’re using a privacy service. It also blocks trackers, can have custom whitelists, and allows up to five device connections. It uses the IPSec protocol.

This is a premium service (with a higher price), and we provide more support for it. For example: Setting up your iPad is trivially easy; far easier that setting up Cryptohippie has been. Nonetheless, Select clients have the option of mailing their device to us for configuration. We’ll mail it back ready to use.

This service, then, is perfect for anyone who can use an iPad but would have trouble with our standard Cryptohippie system. They can now have professional level privacy with the ease of an iPad. And that means that your friends can email each other anonymously. The Cryptogroup email system uses the installed on every iPad.

Now, here are some things you need to know about this.

  • This is not an upgrade to your computer-based Cryptohippie, it is a separate system. If you want both you’ll have to pay for both. If you want to switch from one to the other we’ll give you credit for the unused portion of your Cryptohippie account, of course.
  • You’ll have to create a new email address ( for this device, but you can configure your old address to run through it as well.
  • This system may not work on “captive portal” hotel systems. There’s a really easy work-around (tethering to your phone), but logging on to an “enter your name and room number” system might not work.
  • We can, at the moment, sell only 500 of these. Building the Virtual Personal Routers is not easy, and our networking people can only commit to 500 for now. We’re giving you, our long-time customers, the first shot at this. We think it matters especially for your friends and business associates who are uncomfortable setting up Cryptohippie on their computers. Using Cryptohippie Select is precisely the same as using any iPad. And as we say above, not only is the initial configuration is super easy, but the customer can mail the device to us for configuration if they wish.
  • This requires a recent or recently updated iPad, iPod Touch or Mac. The device must be running iOS 12 and upward, or Mac OS X 10.12 and upward.

For more information or to reserve your account, email: