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You understand that you are being tracked on the Internet and that all your data is scooped up, sifted, sorted, bought and sold. Now you want to protect your Internet traffic and that of your family and customers.

Cryptohippie gives you military-grade technology in an easy-to-use form. You don't need to be a tech expert to use our system. It was built by top professionals but designed for average computer users. Installation takes about 15 minutes; after that you can use the Internet immediately – as you always have and with peace of mind.

Not only does this protection cost less than a dollar a day, but we'll also give you a secure email account, encrypted chat, and we'll return your money if you are not satisfied.

Our Product

Our product is called Road Warrior. It creates a strongly encrypted connection from your computer to the Cryptohippie anonymity network. From there, your traffic passes through at least two national jurisdictions, loses all association with your identifiers and emerges from our network at a distant location. But, even with all of this going on, you can surf, check your email, use Skype, and everything else exactly as you have been. Unless you reveal it yourself, no one can see who you are or what your data may be.

And, if you'd like, you can have an account on our secure email server, as well as full access to our encrypted chat system. (You can, of course, continue to use your old email and chat accounts.)

Bouncing your signal between continents does slow down communication speed and bandwidth a bit, but usually not too much. Bandwidth will not be slowed down much more than about 10%.
Road Warrior works with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

If you'd like to see the technical explanation of what we do, you can find it here.

Our Customers

Our clients are financial professionals, small investors, doctors, lawyers, realtors, scientists, parents, grandparents, housewives, international travelers and small business owners – a wide variety of good people who are reclaiming their privacy and protecting the information of people they care about.

Crytpohippie USA and The CHAVPN Network

Cryptohippie, USA, Inc. operates only authenticator services and no network servers. We are an authorized agent of the network operations company, but we have no involvement in operating any parts of the CHAVPN network except authentication for our clients.

Sadly, it is now necessary to avoid network operations in the United States. As it stands, networks without political connections are vulnerable to equipment seizures without warrants. Perhaps in the future that will change.

Prompt, Human Customer Service

We pride ourselves on giving our customers personal care. Our people are available 24/7 by email and by Skype or phone during most western hemisphere business hours.

What People Say about us

I am currently using what I've found to be an extraordinary service... from CryptoHippie . Long-story short, it makes it so nobody – not Google, not even your Internet service provider, not the government, and (theoretically of course) not a hacker – can track your Internet activity back to you. This service is not free, but it's worth every penny. (I tried the "free" and cheap services, but you don't want them... You surf too slowly to be functional and they're potentially even riskier than doing nothing at all.) … came highly recommended, from my most trusted contacts.
Steve Sjuggerud,

There are many VPN services available. I prefer services that don’t have networks installed in the United States to avoid possible compromise under legislation such as the USA PATRIOT Act. The service that I use is Cryptohippie. Its only U.S. presence is to authenticate connections to Cryptohippie servers in other countries. None of Cryptohippie’s servers are in the United States.
Mark Nestmann, International Tax Planning Consultant,

Everyone once in a while during life you discover something new and genuine that is truly a surprise... Cryptohippie is a VPN you can trust.  It’s also the best... I have been personally been using Cryptohippie, and am extremely impressed by the services offered.
Marco the Wizard (Tech Editor),

I use a professional service that’s pretty much the Rolls Royce of online privacy. Not only does it fully mask IP and other identifying information (that the free proxies miss), but it also encrypts all web traffic so that no intelligible information can be monitored. The service is called Cryptohippie, and I can’t recommend it enough if you’re serious about your online privacy.
- Simon Black,

What is a VPN?   &   Glossary for non-geeks.
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