Cryptohippie Anonymous VPN and Email

Cryptohippie delivers the finest of privacy enhancing technologies for professional Internet users. Our team has been actively involved in online privacy and security for two decades, protecting thousands of individual and corporate clients. We’ll protect your communications too, and we’ll make it fast, easy, and risk free.

Privacy First logo

Privacy First

Cryptohippie is all about increasing our client's privacy.
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Secure email account and network storage logo

Secure email account and network storage

Offshore email and file storage included.
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Multi-Hop & Multi-Jurisdiction logo

Multi-Hop & Multi-Jurisdiction

All traffic is routed through multiple hops - no single entity that needs to be trusted.
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Anonymous Authentication logo

Anonymous Authentication

No leaking of user account or identity to network operations.
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State of the Art Encryption logo

State of the Art Encryption

Best practice algorithms and key management.
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IPv6, independent DNS, and much more logo

IPv6, independent DNS, and much more

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Surveillance and recording of internet activities are a fact. Some people choose to ignore this uncomfortable truth, but we at Cryptohippie have dedicated ourselves to one goal: enabling people to protect their data and communications.

To avoid single point of attack Cryptohippie operates from multiple companies in different jurisdictions, making your communication even more secure.

We offer multi-hop Virtual Private Network, secure storage and anonymous email, chat, and voice system. Our product is available for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Android and iOS devices, and in addition our product can be used on unlimited number of devices simultaneously with open source client software.

Along with the above we strictly honor no logs policy. We operate our own public key and DNS infrastructure, and only use dedicated servers controlled exclusively by Cryptohippie.